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Welcome to Stocks Farms! We are located in northeast Georgia, about 20 miles east of Athens. We raise Miniature Zebu Cattle, Miniature Donkeys, and Nubian Goats. When we have animals for sale, and we nearly always have some goats for sale or for deposit on next years kids, they are listed below under the "For Sale" heading. So if you see something you like, please contact us.

Mark and Nancy Stocks



email Nancy at 


For Sale!

 We have the following animals for sale. Click on the links to the left to see pictures of these animals.

 Miniature Zebu Cattle:

We do not currently have any Miniature Zebu Cattle for sale.


Nubian Goats:

Our does are currently having kids. Call or email for information. Our goats usually cost between $300 - $450 based on their genetics, show potential, and their milking ability. 

Registered Doelings: $325-400

Registered Bucklings: $325-375 

Wethers: $50-70 

* We are offering a $50 discount for any kids picked up at two weeks of age. However, we are planning on dam raising as many as possible, so we need deposits as soon as possible to make sure we put them on the bottle.

Milking does are usually $325-450. Occasionally we sell unregistered does for a $100 discount. 


I will try to keep the For Sale page updated with does for sale, but sometimes things get crazy, so even if the For Sale page is empty, you can email us! 


Please see the link About Our Nubian Goats for more information on our herd. You can also see more photos on our Facebook page.

For more information or to ask any questions, contact Nancy at










All photos belong to Stocks Farms Inc. Please do not use without permission.